Teach English in Beijie Jiedao - Jiangmen Shi

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Unit 10 consists of two ESA class videos. There are numerous differences between the two demonstrations, and the second class is very obviously more effective. In the first class, the students are quite confused and overwhelmed. They were scared of participating in the class, and unwilling or reluctant to risk making a mistake. The teacher spoke too quickly, did not give adequate introductions and explanations, and kept telling the students how easy the content was - even though it was far from easy for the students. The teacher himself also made a few grammatical errors while speaking, and was unable to answer one of the students' questions because he did not have the necessary knowledge. He spoke too quickly, and used terminology that was too complex for the students. He jumped into the activities without setting the students up for them. He was also visibly irritated, which made the students even more uncomfortable and reluctant to participate. The students were berated and scoffed at for answering questions incorrectly. The teacher was also unprepared, or did not have a clear lesson plan. In the second class, the teacher looked pleasant and welcoming. He made the students feel at ease by joking with them, learning their names, gently eliciting answers from them and involving every student equally in the class. He employed mime, gestures and hints to elicit ideas from the students throughout the class. He spoke clearly and used language that the students would understand. He praised students for correct answers, encouraged everyone to participate regardless of whether they were confident with their answers or not, and gave examples for each activity or task he expected the students to complete. It was clear that he had planned the class beforehand, instead of deciding to just wing it. The difference in the class atmosphere, content, and effectiveness between the first and second lesson are as obvious as night and day. For example, you could actually tell if it was going to be a \"good\" class or a \"bad\" one within the first 30 seconds of each video, all based on the teacher's attitude.