Teach English in Huangshan Shi

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Teach English in Anling Zhen, Huangshan Shi
From this unit I learned a lot about the importance of gestures, eye contact, mimics, speaking; the way to group the students and what to take in consideration when choosing certain activities; how to manage the classroom's attention when writing on the board
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Teach English in Bei'an Zhen, Huangshan Shi
This section explained well the different types of equipment and resources a teacher can utilize in the classroom to better the learning experience for the students
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Teach English in Fu'e Zhen, Huangshan Shi
This Unit is very interesting, I enjoyed reading it because as I can see and imagine myself teaching while reading it specially the \" teaching young learners\"
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Teach English in GuxiXiAng, Huangshan Shi
This unit covered everything about teaching special groups, some I've been doing for quite sometime, I've taught English in many companies and also to beginners, and indeed teaching beginners is very rewarding, the information I've gained regarding teaching children was new to me, but very useful indeed
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Teach English in Haiyang Zhen, Huangshan Shi
This unit is about lesson planing, but it didn?t just told us how important the lesson plan is, it also guide us how to make a reasonable and practical lesson plan
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Teach English in Huangtian XiAng, Huangshan Shi
In unit 12 we i continued to learn more about receptive skills now going in depth with teaching productive skill or writing and and speaking and also the use of games in the classroom, i also learn about accuracy and fluency activities which is more important and why
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Teach English in Huizhou Jiedao, Huangshan Shi
The unit taught me about some of the problems that can arise in the classroom, i took from the unit that sometimes the students in the class are at different levels and the teacher must be patient with the weaker students, pairing them with stronger students can be helpful
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