Teach English in ZhAoping Zhen - Hezhou Shi

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This Unit discussed the productive communication skills - speaking and writing. These both have the common purpose of sending out information to a listener. Speaking should always be encouraged and when feedback is given, always be positive and reinforce what students are able to do rather than what they cannot do yet. constant exposure should always play a role when dealing with speaking and writing, but especially writing. The writing portion of English is sadly known to be the aspect that has the least amount of class time devoted to it due to its harsh learning curve and time constraints when dealing with correcting punctuation, vocabulary, context and structure. The writing portion usually is relegated to homework and is either not completed or not available for feedback and or corrections. The writing portion of the productive skills are incredibly important as a lack of writing ability is unfairly judged to be indicative of a low functioning person or a low level of education on the part of the reader. The key to having proficiency with writing is EXPOSURE, different types, styles and situations should be given to students so they attain flexibility and capability with the many different styles of writing.