Teach English in WanggAo Zhen - Hezhou Shi

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During the first lesson teachers should have several aims to look to achieve, establish rapport, find out about students (needs/aspirations) and also to find out the English level students are at. When dealing with reluctant students teachers should use plenty of pair work, role play situations, use of a tape recorder outside of lesson and also to use controlled practice. Reluctance can be due to cultural, intimidation or confidence issues. Students exposure to the English language is very important in their development, it is thus very important that they use the English language as much as possible. To help students avoid using their mother tongue in the classroom there are some things teachers can do. Teachers can make sure activities are at an appropriate level, explanations are clear to students, only responding to English and constantly reminding students. Dealing with large classes can be troublesome for teachers, however there are effective techniques that can be employed. The use of group work, choral repetition and worksheets are useful in helping all students to get involved. Teachers should also speak with clarity and maybe appoint group leaders to ensure their message gets across to all students.