Teach English in Shilong Zhen - Hezhou Shi

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Unit 15 covers different methods of Evaluating and Testing students. In particular, I've learned that Evaluating students can come not just the teacher, but from student feedback as well, along with the different types of testing that a teacher can give to a student. Tutorials can come from the teacher usually at the end of each week to evaluate the progress obtained so far in the course being taught. Evaluations can also come from students by having them evaluate their course. This can be a series of questions or a discussion asked/led by the teacher to find out from the students what they think of the course; i.e. if they are getting too much or too little of one aspect of English, if the work is too hard or not hard enough, etc. Testing is not just the basic placement tests that many are familiar with, but can also mean diagnostic tests at the start of a course, progress tests throughout the course, and external examinations that a student is taking a language course in preparation for. In particular, external examinations can be those used as certifications or given a grade that measures one's fluency level in English with regard to those entering universities or workplaces that require English language skills.