Teach English in ShAtian Zhen - Hezhou Shi

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In this first unit I have done a little reflection on why I am interested in teaching Young Learners. Last year I spent ten months working with 2 young sisters, we started from the beginning and worked through nouns, pronouns, present, past and future tenses and touched briefly on the conditionals. The girls were fun to work with, we played some games, I gave them all opportunity to practice speaking, we listened to fun songs that they had heard on the radio. I did my classes all in English, assisting only with definitions to assist their understanding. With that experience I am able to reflect on why I feel more desire to work with young learners. My classes were diversified, not shy to act out verbs, to label items in the house, we used drawings and colors and short stories with pictures, we were goofy. I saw that they had a strong interest to learn, being 9 and 13 years old, they were young and energetic, they were open to the way I was teaching, and for me the best part, was how fast they learned. I often repeated many times, with repetition and making learning fun, they were able to learn and remember those things. I saw them grow, become more confident and best of all I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment.