Teach English in Pumen Zhen - Hezhou Shi

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It is important to establish rapport with student from the very beginning. Find out about your students, what is their need for English and what level are they at with it. It is important to use \"warmers\" to set the tone for the class. Use games like hangman, pictionary and memory games to get things going. If you have a wide variety of levels, you can use different material and divide them in groups or use the same material and have harder tasks for the more advanced group. Always have a few extra things for the quicker students to do when they are finished like word searches or have them help other students. if you have a very large group you can use more worksheets, use more group work and have a group leader, use choral repetition and as always be sure to be clear on expectation. Use only English when teaching and be sure to let students know you are doing this on propose, you can use humor when they get frustrated. For those student who are reluctant be patients, is so important, self esteem can be fragile. Use pair work, role-playing and tape recording may helpful with these reluctant students. Listening is an important skill and is a must for all students. Most important have fun and your students will too.