Teach English in KAishAn Zhen - Hezhou Shi

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This unit has presented the important points of lesson planning. It is important for teachers to be flexible in lesson planning and be mindful of the following, learner objective, personal aims (e.g. points which teachers would like to achieve or improve on), language point such as the theme of the semester, teaching aids, anticipated problems with solutions, procedures with a good mixture of activities, phases (ESA approach), timing (this could be tricky as the timing is only accurate if the teacher has good understanding of the class), interactions (teachers have to maintain a good balance of interactions so that the lesson would not be student focused or teacher focused), class level such as the English ability of the class, number of students, date and time of lesson to keep a record for better documenting of lessons and further planning, and to record down any teacher's or obeservers' names. It is also important for teachers to do reflections after lessons so that the progress of the class would be better recorded and less confusing for a teacher who has multiple classes. Furthermore, teacher should consider setting goals and revision period at different stages so as to test the retention level of the students.