Teach English in Daning Zhen - Hezhou Shi

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There is a lot more to teaching then I realized. While reading this unit, I had flash backs of being in Spanish class during my high school career. It was a beginner level class and I recall my teacher using ESA and the CLT technique. My teacher would begin the class by engaging us through drawing, videos, and sometimes music. During the study portion of the class she would assign us worksheets to fill out, use elicitation techniques to ask us why we selected the answers that we did. After the task was completed she would write gap sentences on the board and then would select one of us to fill in the blanks. During the Activate period, we would simulate certain scenarios and role play. Our teacher used the straight arrow technique which grew tiresome after a while. I believe if she utilized the Patchwork ESA technique her class would have been much more interesting. I also believe that the CLT and the Suggestopaedia techniques work best. I think the easiest way to pick up a new language is to incorporate it in real life situations. The more you speak it the better you will retain that language. I also believe that the learning environment needs to be stress free. Teachers need to help build confidence in their students.