Teach English in Chaodong Zhen - Hezhou Shi

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This unit is about the use of course books and materials used in class. There are two types of materials the teacher can bring to class, authentic materials such as newspapers and magazines or created materials such as crosswords and flashcards. Course books, authentic and created materials all have there advantages and disadvantages when being used in the classroom. Authentic materials are a good option to bring into class to help guide the lesson for it helps create real life situations in the classroom. However since these materials are not graded to ESL students the teacher must select carefully what they bring to class. Created materials are good to use because they can be adapted to the level and interests of the students. Course books advantages are that students are normally used to working out of a course book therefore they probably will expect to use one. Also they often provide a balanced variety between grammar and vocabulary work suitable for the level being taught. However when using a course book the material might not be suitable or be of interest to the students decreasing their interest to learn. Course books can be useful and are a good guideline however should not be used throughout the entire class.