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Teach English in Chengyouzi XiAng, Hengshui Shi
Differentiating between present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous can be challenging, but by teaching students the usages of each, it can help them understand why they would choose to use what form when
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Teach English in Dadi Zhen, Hengshui Shi
This unit covered future tenses including, future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going to future, present simple, and present continuous
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Teach English in Dayincun Zhen, Hengshui Shi
A brief overview of the content: How can eye contact,gesture,the voice be used in the classroom Grouping students Classroom arrangement Writing on the board Giving individual attention Teacher talking time and student talking time Giving instructions Establishing rapport Maintaining rapport What I have learnt from unit3? In this unit ,I learnt how to use my eye contact,gesture,the voice be used in the classroom and give my classroom appropriate arrangement
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Teach English in Daying Zhen, Hengshui Shi
The content of unit 19 covers teaching special groups, which include teaching beginners, individual students, children and also teaching Business English or English for Specific Purpose
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