Teach English in Yongle XiAng - Guiyang Shi

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Unit 8 The Future tenses, explains the many forms of the communicating something that will take place in the future: e.g. January is will be winter time in America. The future continuous is used to say that an action will be taking place at a certain time in the future: e.g. On Friday, around now, I will be in Japan. The future perfect tense shows that an action will have been completed by a definite future time: e.g. Won't you have finished your preparations by Tuesday morning? The future perfect continuous shows the continuation of an action by a certain point in time: e.g. By the time my wife gets home, my son will have been sleeping for three hours. The Be going infinitive tense shows intention to do something or a prediction: e.g. I think she will win the race / I am not going to the party. The present simple is used formally and for schedules: e.g. His pool opens on Friday. / My car to New York arrives at 11 a.m. The present continuous is used for definite arrangements or decision without a time frame: e.g. I'm going dancing tomorrow. / She's ignoring him.