Teach English in Xiaozhaiba Zhen - Guiyang Shi

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This unit covered the nature of a good learner and a good teacher, outlining the characteristics of each, so that teachers can better evaluate themselves, students, and the relationship between teacher and student. This unit also attended to the differences between adult and younger language learners, the motivations for each, and, to some extent, how one should approach each audience. Finally, this unit discussed the different levels of English language learners. Because I have had some informal teaching experience, I was familiar with the general descriptions of good students and good teachers, but it was helpful to have this laid out explicitly and articulated. It was also interesting to consider, apart from the lesson, how the characteristics were interrelated and interdependent. The material on adult/younger English language learners and on the different levels of language learners was new though. I am beginning to process what to expect in different classrooms, how to prepare for different students, and what levels of proficiency may appear in the classroom.