Teach English in Shixilu Jiedao - Guiyang Shi

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In this unit I learnt many roles of the teacher and the learner, and get to know what skills our students want and need, which is really important for teachers. As we all know, teaching in front of the Chief executive will inevitably make teacher do things differently. So we should have a clear idea about whom we are working for and what they expect. sometimes we can be policeman to control students , besides, we can also be a psychologist to help them deal with personal problems. We had better be able to change between different roles in front of different type of students. The other important part is learning, we mainly focus on students, no matter what kind of students you teach, individuals or groups, adults or teenagers, there is no 'average' learner we can describe, unluckily, most of time , they may not be at the same level of English language knowledge. It's no doubt that this makes things more difficult for you. So we should prepare the corresponding solutions for different situations before classes to face as many potential problems as possible.