Teach English in Qianling Zhen - Guiyang Shi

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There are two motives for listening and reading, for a purpose and for entertainment. There are also a number of specific skills necessary for various contexts of reading and listening. In the classroom, facilitating the learning of receptive skills can be accomplished by paying attention to a number of aspects: vocabulary and selection of texts, based on the level of the students; selection of topics for classes and texts, which should be of interest to the whole class, over a period of time; creating interest through engaging the students, even if the topic at hand is not of particular interest to every student at the moment; additionally the tasks should promote the development of receptive skills, as opposed to just checking them. In my opinion, tasks which would promote these skills should not only build practice with the language, but also have a specific objective that the student can achieve. This is so they can be engaged in an environment that actually promotes their use of the language to overcome that objective. It is similar to using a language function.