Teach English in Maiping Zhen - Guiyang Shi

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Unit four explains the 4 present tenses and their 3 forms - present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous / affirmative, negative, and question - as well as provides helpful suggestions on how to teach these concepts to students. It was particularly helpful to learn the formula for each tense and its forms. For me, knowing a set of rules that helped me identify each tense allowed me to complete the test easier than I could have otherwise. For students who do not already possess an ear for what sentence structure sounds correct, these rules will be helpful for determining an appropriate order. I felt it was difficult, though, to remember each usage case, as many of them are only slightly different from one another. For example, the difference between \"actions in progress at the time of speaking\" and \"temporary actions around the time of speaking\" seem minute, but convey very different meanings. Conceptually, it is a easy to say and know the difference, but describing how they are different to students sounds like a challenge.