Teach English in Longshui XiAng - Guiyang Shi

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Unit 17 walked us through the classroom, addressing common and useful equipment within the space. Teaching aids allow students to take a break from the textbook and work with materials that are more interesting and usually more effective for the students. Each classroom may not have every aid available, however it is still important to be familiar with and know how to use each resource effectively. The basics, such as white or black boards, visual aids, worksheets, cassettes, videos, dictionaries, and books, all take planning and organizing prior to the lesson in order to get the most out of the resource. This is where your previous knowledge of lesson planning becomes useful. Some classrooms you work in may offer more advanced forms of teaching aids including interactive whiteboards, video cameras, computers, and online resources. When dealing with more technology based equipment, it is important to be familiar with it as well as to have a back up plan, as sometimes technology is not as reliable as physical aids such as worksheets that cannot disappear from a screen.