Teach English in Liuchang Miaozu XiAng - Guiyang Shi

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To better understand pronunciation in English one has to lay emphasis on stress, intonation and rhythm. While intonation is considered as the variation in volume and pitch of a sentence, stress is more concerned with individual words. Intonation is the pivot of the message in a sentence and thus given importance in questioning, agreeing or disagreeing, confirming statements, as well as expressing emotions or feelings. The patterns of intonation vary (rise/fall, fall/rise).Intonation patterns can be strong predictors of the nature of forthcoming information. No matter the number of syllables in a word, a word can only have one main stress and not less, and we can only stress syllables not individual vowels or consonants. In some cases, stress will vary according to the native English speaking country. When using phonemic, articulation is of utmost importance. the teacher will better teach pronunciation through peer dictation, visuals, his own mouth, phonemes and tongue twisters. Pronunciation could be taught as and when required, as a whole lesson or as a lesson slot.