Teach English in Jinzhu Jiedao - Guiyang Shi

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Unit 10 demonstrated the differences between a well prepared and taught class versus a poorly prepared and taught class. The first video was an example of teacher who did not seem enthusiastic about teaching nor interested in engaging with his students. He belittled his students, discouraging them for not being able to do something \"easy\" that he believed \"anyone can do.\" At the same time, he didn't bother to learn his students' names or monitor them to check for understanding (at one point even sitting down to read a book while his students worked). This left the students feel confused, ashamed, and frustrated. On the other hand, the second video was an example of a teacher who showed enthusiasum for teaching and for getting to know his students. He learned each of their names and continually checked in with each of them to check for understanding. He spoke more slowly and clearly for his students while also using mimes and gestures to convey meaning. Overall he made class more fun and engaging, which helped his students feel more confident, included, and on track.