Teach English in Jinyang Jiedao - Guiyang Shi

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Unit 13 dealt with Teaching Equipment and Materials, including Online Sources. The discussion of Teaching Equipment was extremely helpful--it reminded me of all the low-tech teaching aids I can use in the classroom: the dictionary, black board, visual aids, photocopies, etc. (I will be teaching TEFL in the US Peace Corps in a remote area of Panama and it's unlikely that I will have any modern equipment.) Also, as an \"older\" teacher who is not familiar with many of the new technologies, the cautions given with regard to using more sophisticated equipment were extremely helpful. The BEST feature in Unit 13 is definitely the expansive listing of Online Sources. During this course I have been doing my own online searches by \"googling\" a subject, but I most often came up with paid websites. Using the Unit 13 list of online sources I have begun a \"research activity\" where I am going to every website mentioned in this section and documenting it's features (free, printable, ease of usage, etc.) THANK YOU for this indispensable resource; it will go with me to Panama!