Teach English in HuAli Zhen - Guiyang Shi

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What a great demonstration of bad and good teaching. Within a few minutes of the first video I wanted it to end. I was extremely uncomfortable. I feel the teacher didn?t care whether the students were learning or not. He didn?t use their names correctly. He was very critical of student?s wrong answers. And he didn?t explain the technical words, i.e. Auxiliary Verb. During the second, successful video, he learned the student?s names and smartly had them write them so he could learn them during the class. I would have asked the student?s for the correct pronunciation of their names, whilst he was reading them from the paper. The use of drawings was extremely effective. While the second class was longer, it clearly achieved results. He included the Auxiliary Verbs ?can? and ?can?t? with little effort and the students were clearly responding by speaking them to give their answers. I will make a point that the production values of the second lesson were slightly better than the first in terms of audio and video quality.