Teach English in ChengguAn Zhen [incl. Zǐxing Shequ, NanshAn Shequ] - Guiyang Shi

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The receptive skills are listening and reading, because learners do not need to produce language to do these, they receive and understand it. These skills are sometimes known as passive skills. They can be contrasted with the productive or active skills of speaking and writing. Example Often in the process of learning new language, learners begin with receptive understanding of the new items, then later move on to productive use. In the classroom The relationship between receptive and productive skills is a complex one, with one set of skills naturally supporting another. For example, building reading skills can contribute to the development of writing. I think teachers should carefully choose their materials based on students' interest.Teaching students different kind of reading style helps them do well in academic assessment tests.We should encourage our students for general understanding when they read or listen authentic language parts.Detailed reading can discourage students and it might make them reluctant to read or listen further part of given teaching material.