Teach English in ChangjiAng Jiedao - Guiyang Shi

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The content of this unit consisted of traits of both good teachers and learners. It broke down the various roles that a teacher fills while teaching and what each role it and stressed that each role is important. It also addressed the differences between adult and young learners. There was a break down of the different levels of language ability as well as a discussion of the different reasons people want to learn English. For me, I never have thought about the different roles of a teacher and having gone to school in the USA, mostly had managers and assessors. I feel the other roles are very important in the learning process because it is important to encourage students through prompting and to model the subject material well. I feel students do better with encouragement and a tutor is an encourager. I appreciated the break down of the differences between adults and young people in learning, because as an adult I know that I have much different motivation than I did when I was young and a bit more nervousness. It will help me understand my audience/students better.