Teach English in Xinan Jiedao - Foshan Shi

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I found this unit, about classroom management, interesting and helpful because it has made me aware that it is a skill. I have learnt this is because it is a skill of managing and organising the classroom, which is necessary, to create an effective working environment. I have also learnt it is vital to be able to be able to aspire confidence in the students otherwise they will not be successful. I realise that it is important to have a balance between maintaining discipline and having a relaxed and friendly manner. In managing a class, I now realise it is important to use eye contact with students to create a good rapport and to help maintain discipline. Good use of gestures can be very effective too as it cuts down the need of teacher talk. I have learnt that putting variation in the tone, volume and clarity of your voice can prove to be effective in keeping the students' attention. I have learnt that it is important to vary the way you group students to allow them the opportunity to experience a variety of learning styles e.g group work, pair work, individual work and whole class teaching, as each individual learns in different ways. Clearly, classroom arrangement is key to an effective learning environment. However, space, furniture, age of students, nationality and the students' personalities are important factors. I have learnt that the teacher's position is a key to creating a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere in the classroom. Checking on pupils' progress is important so that, as a teacher, you know if they have understood the task. I am now aware that giving praise will motive students to learn and I also need to include all students equally in a lesson. A balance between Teacher Talk Time and Student Talk Time is important to help students learn and to avoid students from switching off. I have learnt that giving instructions, using simple language, being consistent, using visual clues and checking the instructions are vital to keep the students' attention and to reduce misunderstandings. Most importantly students need to listen and not be distracted before you give any instructions. During this unit, I have learnt that establishing a good rapport with the students is a key part in developing a positive atmosphere where students feel comfortable and can be successful. I have learnt there are a number of vital things to consider, as a teacher, when maintaining discipline. Being well prepared, consistent, fair and showing respect to your students will help you to maintain good discipline. Being fully aware of the school's disciplinary code is important so that you are consistent in your approach. It is always vital to keep calm and focus on the behaviour rather than the student if there is a problem.