Teach English in LongjiAng Zhen - Foshan Shi

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From this unit I have learnt that there is a continuing debate as to which techniques and methods produce the best results. I am sure that as an EFL teacher you are continually learning and improving as you progress on both a personal and professional level. The unit highlights the fact that the most popular methodologies use in EFL teaching try to initiate the natural language acquisition in a more practical manner. I believe it is important for me to acquire the skills to implement this type of teaching to make lessons more interesting and relevant to the students. I have learnt that the element of 'ESA' is effective to motive students to learn. Elicitation is particularity important as it will help me, as a teacher, to increase student talk time and reduce teacher talk time. When engaging the students, I have learnt, the teacher is trying to get the students involved in the lesson. It is important to make it fun and interesting, as well as using materials to stimulate their curiosity. I have learnt that the Study stage of the lesson will be vital because it focuses on how language is constructed. Through the activities provided at this stage the learners will use these activities to practice a skill. During the Activate part of the lesson I realise it is important for students to use 'language' in as free a way as possible and improve their oral communication. I have also learn that these three elements need to be included in a successful lesson, the stages can be varied. This is also important to make lessons more interesting. A 'Boomerang' sequencing of a lesson helps to create variety within the basic structure of an ESA lesson. I have learnt that you can also include mini-sequences in a lesson to add variety. This is called a 'Patchwork' ESA lesson. The ideas for the 'Engage' phase of learning and lesson starters will be helpful to create a bank of resources and ideas to make learning English lively and fun. This is also true of the idea of the 'Activate' stage and it has reinforced the fact that a variety of activities will help keep me and the students engaged. This unit also covers the importance of mistakes and feedback and how approaching these can aid the students' development whilst learning English. I realise it is vital to be positive during any appraisal even if mistakes have been made. Putting models of good written work on display will help to motivate students. I think it is important for students to be able to correct their own work because then they can see where they have gone wrong and where they need to improve. Learning from our mistakes an important part of the learning process. I am hopeful that I can create a secure environment where students are keen to 'have a go' and not be held back by not wanting to fail.