Teach English in Leliu Jiedao - Foshan Shi

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This unit taught me about conditionals and reported speech. There are five conditionals. The zero conditional is in the form of if/when + present tense, present tense. Its usages include scientific facts, general truths, or issues/situations that are certain to happen. The first conditional is in the form of if + present simple + will/modal auxiliary verb + base form of a verb. Its usages include the likely result of a future situation, a promise, or threats/warnings. The second conditional takes the form of if + past simple (OR past continuous), may/might/could/would + base form of verb. Its usages include dreams, fantasies, or hypothetical statements. The third conditional is in the form of if + past perfect, would/could/might + have + past participle. Its usages include regret or excuses. Two activities to teach students include a split conditional sentences memory game for students to correctly match the sentences together; and chain conditionals, where students take turns to continue a conditional sentence, beginning the next sentence with the last phrase (ex. If I stay at home, I will watch TV. If I watch TV, I will become brain dead. If I become brain dead...). A few other activities are giving students conditionals to complete with their own ideas, giving students a moral dilemma in a conditional form to discuss, or giving students a role to persuade a judge to let them be the person to fit in a bunker during a nuclear war. When reporting speech, the tense of the direct speech changes. Present simple changes to past simple, present continuous changes to past continuous, present perfect changes to past perfect, present perfect continuous changes to past perfect continuous, past simple changes to past perfect, past continuous changes to past perfect continuous, and will changes to would. Two tenses that remain the same are past perfect and past perfect continuous. I addition to the verbs changing, pronouns denoting who is spoken to can also change. As well, time also changes: today becomes that day, now becomes then, yesterday becomes the day before, __ days ago becomes ___ days before, last __ becomes the previous ___, tomorrow becomes the next day, this ___ becomes that ____, here becomes there, and these becomes those. Two activities to practice reported speech include having students match domino gap fill conditional cards or having students match correct speech bubbles with a picture then writing in conditionals of what is happening in the same picture. Other activities include having students in groups of threes where one person says a sentence that is reported to a third or having students create their own reported speech media interview. I found reporting speech to be a bit challenging. However, with a bit more practice I believe I will do better.