Teach English in Daliang Jiedao - Foshan Shi

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This unit focuses on some common problems situations ( trouble shouting)in a few teaching position, a teacher will be face with meeting a number of few classes for the first time. This classes are vital for the teacher to establish report with the students and set the tone for the rest of the, such classes can fall into two categories; new group existing group When face with the first lesson the experienced teacher will not resort to the course book but will try to use activities like:- ? Establish report ? Find out about the student ? Find out about the student needs aspiration with English ? Find out about the English level of each individual class member There are a number of activities that the teacher can use for these purpose ? Questionnaires/survey ? A similar type of activity is tell us about ? Pass the ball game ? Needs analyses warmer Some typical warmer ideas includes:- ? Hangman ? Pictionary ? Tongue twister ? Memory game Different levels One of the biggest problems that teachers face is a group where the students are at varying levels. some student learn more quickly than others and in classes that started at the same level, gaps can start to appear. There are a number that he teacher can deal with this. ? Use different materials ? Use same material different tasks ? Don?t do anything ? Pair stronger students with weaker ones Large classes A large class can present the teacher with a number of problems from trying to involve all people equally go classroom control. A teacher can employ the following techniques to create successful classes. ? Use work sheets ? Pair/ group work ? Clarity ? Appoint group leader ? Dynamics Use of native language Use of native language as earlier discussed, the use of student native tongue can be problematic in monolingual classes .There are some exceptional situation where native tongues can be allowed in a classroom. There are a number of things that a teacher can do in such a situation; ? Make sure the activities you use are at a approximate level that the students have the necessary language to cope. ? Make sure your explanations are clear to all class members. ? Encourage the use of English where appropriate ? Only respond to English-constantly remind the students At times most teachers will come across students who don?t seem to talk or participate in class for either cultural, intimidation or confidence issues .some solutions to these problems includes ? Use plenty of pair work ? Use control practice ? Use role-play ? Use a tape recorder After reading through this unit, i have personally learnt some problems encountered by teachers in a classroom and how they can be solved.