Teach English in Beijiao Zhen - Foshan Shi

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This unit is based around the two ESA demonstration videos. Here the Same lesson is taught twice. This is available through the video tab of our online training system. However, one of these lessons is being taught effectively while in the other lesson the same teacher is deliberately making a number of basic errors. 1- Video 1 Watching keenly this video one, I noticed number errors which are as follows; -No presentation - No explanation of concepts - No Engage phase - No motivation - Teacher Reading a book while students completed their worksheets - scowling and looking generally unhappy for the entire lesson - Another pertinent error of the here teacher is at the level of conjugation that is; I can swim You can swim He can swim She can swim They can swim It can swim Instead of; I can swim You can swim He can swim She can swim It can swim We can swim You can swim They can swim etc for the three stages. Again the following factors discourage the student?s participation throughout the first lesson which are as follows; - The teacher here made the students to understand that the material to be taught is very easy and that anyone can do it. - The teacher here scowled and look generally unhappy. - The teacher here almost talks alone throughout the lesson. - The Attitude of the teacher also discourages the students. - No gestures or mimes to aid the students understanding. However, during this lesson the teacher used the Study and the Activate phases though not very effective. 2- Video 2 In the second video it is noticed that the teacher was very flexible. The teacher here that is Mr Mark tries to put in almost all the theories, techniques, and methods of teaching in the lesson. Furthermore, the teacher?s attitude in this second video really determined the students? participation in the lesson. - Firstly he presents himself before asking students to present - Secondly he Engages them into serious thinking - Thirdly he explains well the concepts to be taught - Fourthly he motivate them to learn - Fifthly he also involved all the students in the lesson - And the last but not the least, he keeps on smiling all through the lesson. Owning to the above positive factors used by the teacher to make the lesson effective, he also failed to let the students in the Activate phase to work individually. Nevertheless, this video was very effective as compared to video one. In video two the teacher uses the Patchwork lesson plan that is; Engage- Study- Activate. After watching the two videos, I have personally learnt how a lesson should be taught, what to do and what not to do in order to effectively teach a lesson in the English Language.