Teach English in ShAtanjiAng Jiedao [Gongche Zhen] - Fangchenggang Shi

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This unit deals with teaching pronunciation and phonology. The very first paragraph explains that a lack of confidence in English teachers holds them back from teaching these skills in the classroom or incorporating them into the lesson plans. After studying the material, I can see how I myself may find it difficult to teach the concepts to the students. I learned the difference between intonation and stress. Intonation deals with the differences in volume and pitch throughout an entire sentence and stress deals more with individual words. I learned some of the different patterns of intonation, such as fall/rise and rise/fall. This section also covers ways in which to teach intonation and stress. This could include using gestures or the chalkboard to show where emphasis on certain words should be made. I learned that the meaning of an entire statement or sentence could change, depending on which word is stressed in that sentence. I found the section on \"linked speech\" very interesting. English speakers sometimes do not realize that they do this and it is something that I will need to be aware of when speaking to my future students. Phonemic symbols were also covered in this unit and I realized, after seeing the phonemic symbols listed in the content, that I do not know these symbols well.