Teach English in Nasuo Zhen - Fangchenggang Shi

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Unit 1 has taught me basic terminology and understanding of different types of learners. It has allowed me to process my own thoughts on how I manage a classroom and the types of students I have encountered. Knowing what type of teacher I am and what type of students I will have can only benefit me in the classroom. The Unit describes different styles of teaching which I can find myself fitting into one type at any given time. Just as the Unit describes, it is best to be a different type of teacher depending on what activities you are engaging in. I would prefer Facilitation and Prompter for English learning as it may help students stay motivated in their learning tasks. Motivation is also key for student learning as well. Age groups that are in the teens tend to be harder to motivate as they are unlikely picking the need to learn English. Adult learners are usually choosing to learn English for personal and professional reasons which make them easier to motivate. The same can be said about the youngest age group as they are easier to motivate when you can do activities with them; singing, playing games etc.? All of these lessons from this Unit has given me a better understanding of terminology. It has also granted me the knowledge on what style is available and how to target that to students.