Teach English in Huashi Zhen - Fangchenggang Shi

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Unit six was about the different past tenses in the English language. There are four past tenses in all, past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Some of the structures for the past tenses are very similar to those previously in the present tense. These two types of tenses from either the past or present can be difficult for new English speakers. I feel this unit explains in a detailed format as it had in the previous unit on the present tense. As I had mentioned in the present tense unit, I had prior knowledge with this unit on the past tenses also. After working through both tenses again, I feel more knowledgeable on how to inform others of how to use the English tenses correctly. On another note, I feel there are some difficulties with irregular verbs in conjunction to when either the base form or past participle should be used in the sentence. For example, the unit explained the irregular verbs ?go? which becomes ?went? or ?do? which becomes ?did?; these verbs can only be memorized which I feel could be difficult for new learners trying to learn a variety of verbs in the beginning. Nonetheless, this unit on past tenses was a great refresher for me and the information would provide useful when teaching English to another student.