Teach English in Nanfeng Zhen - Danzhou Shi

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Wow I some how knew all of this stuff but didn't know the why's and how's. I think I'll use these rules in my classes to introduce the why's from the outset. I particularly liked the explanation gerunds, and what a proper noun is. Comparative adjectives are exactly that and I learned the rule or rather what a preposition is. There's so much detail English that I know how to write and speak but never really knew the why mechanics of such a complex language. Transitive, intransitive and infinitive verbs are intricately demarcated yet very easy to get perturbed by. Amazing stuff!! I almost find it incredulous how the heck I know how to both speak and write English, hold on is that a proper noun? Hahaha!! Very thankful for this section and I'm definitely going to use it in my classes!!