Teach English in Naling XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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Unit 5 is all about classroom management. It displays suggestions and justifications on how a teacher should: keep eye contact, express gestures, do seating arrangements, use his/her voice, do groupings, write on the board, correct, rapport and maintain discipline. I believe is a very helpful chapter that reminded me the key aspects of a teacher who is in fact a facilitator of learning because it focuses on the students, respect, preparation and enthusiasm. Many things I have put them into practiced some have worked others have not, because as the tutor video said: there is no magic formula! Yet something that stood out in this chapter for me, was that I must be careful where I stand when having a horseshoe seating arrangement due to the fact student cannot see my mouth; something that I believe is very important for a foreign language learning class that I had not taken into consideration and differs from subject teaching. On the other hand, I also found very helpful the suggestions made to decrease the teacher talk time with gestures, mime, pictures, and clear instructions. Finally, I was very happy and relieved to read at the beginning of the unit, the fact it pointed out that a teacher does not necessarily need to be an extrovert to be a good teacher, because I definitely do not consider myself an extrovert.