Teach English in MingjiAng Zhen - Chongzuo Shi

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In this unit, I learned about the four basic skills in language which are reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Although, in this unit, I learnt that about teaching receptive skills which are reading and listening. Usually when we are reading or listening to something in particular, it is either for a purpose or for entertainment. Both of these are used in daily life. When teaching about reading and listening, it is important that the students understand everything clearly, there are many different ways of reading or listening to specific things. These includes detailed skills, which is where one reads/ listens to understand something clearly. There is predictive skills which is reading something quickly and guessing the content. There is also scanning, skimming, as well as deduction. These are all ways that people use when reading or listening. It can be very difficult when teaching students about reading and listening. It is important that the students understand clearly and that they do no focus too much on every word. If the students do not understand the vocabulary, it should be necessary that the teacher pre-teach the vocabulary before starting the subject. For learners, you want to be able to catch their attention and interest on new topics. receptive skills are very important when learning a new language.