Teach English in Luobai XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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There have been many different methods to teach a language including communicative language, where phrases are focused on, Audio-lingualism where students listen and repeat, total physical response which uses the whole brain with motion and learning. They all require exposure to the language, a low stress environment, input from the teacher, self discovery of the language and more than only communicative tasks. Engage, Study, Activate (ESA) is a method that has three stages. Engage is always the first stage and it is to get all of the students involved and speaking the language. It can include songs or games and does not include correction. Study is the stage that focuses on learning the language and covering the gaps in knowledge. To get students thinking, we should use elicitation which is asking questions that encourage the students to think. Study is also the phase where correction should be used. It should be positive and used only when there is a mistake in the language point, when the mistake is regularly repeated or it interferes with the understanding. The last section is activate. This is to give students a chance to use all of their knowledge of the the language and be creative with it and an activity used can be a role-play. ESA can be used in this order or can be mixed up to keep the lesson interesting.