Teach English in Longzhou Zhen - Chongzuo Shi

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In this unit I have watched two teaching video demonstrations, and observed how different they are. In the first video, the atmosphere of learning situation is far from effective and positive whereas the second video shows more engaging and interactive relationship between the teacher and the students. This difference is caused by teacher's attitude and approach towards students. It is very obvious that in the second video, the teacher is more friendly and I can feel that the classroom situation is more relaxed, thus helping students' to be more interested and active. It is very important to get to know students' name so that it will be easier for the teacher to ask them to participate later on in the classroom. Using easier level English might work too to encourage students to be active in answering questions. The teacher in the second video also shows effort to use different prompting ideas when the students seem confused. He uses different intonation in his voice while speaking so it's not boring. He tries to ask every students equally so that everyone has fair amount of time to speak. He sometimes uses miming and gestures to help students get his explanation. He maintains a good eye contact throughout the session. He gives clear instructions and allows students to students correction. This unit is very insightful!