Teach English in LaituAn Zhen - Chongzuo Shi

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This unit covered the topic of teaching receptive skills. The receptive skills are reading and listening, whereas the productive skills are speaking and writing. The two main reasons for using the receptive skills are reading or listening for a purpose or for entertainment. A variety of more specialized skills are involved with reading and listening. Prediction involves reading or listening to the headline or introduction of a written piece or conversation, and attempting to guess what the content will be. Scanning is used to pick out specific information, whereas skimming is used to quickly gain a general understanding of the content. In order to assist students with strengthening their receptive skills, a few things can be done. Reading texts should be selected with the students? ability level in mind, so as not to discourage them with content that is too difficult. The selected material should also be something the students are interested in. Using a variety of material will help ensure that each student finds something that is of interest to them. When introducing material, it can sometimes be beneficial to pre-teach important vocabulary words that the students will encounter. However, care should be taken to allow for the students to try and guess some of the words from the context of the text or dialogue.