Teach English in KAnwei XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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ENGLISH WITH CHILDREN - Teachers must be much more prepared than they are for a general english lesson. They should take into consideration that children may not want to enjoy long activities, so they should have lots of materials to choose from and be really much prepared to be ready so as to keep the motivation of children. -Within a classrom, teachers MUST NOT personalize any situation, praise or reprimand, not important. This is especially outstanding for children. BUSINESS ENGLISH - Teachers should definitely keep in mind one exact thing: They simply do NOT have to be familiar with all the jargon. Needs analysis and finding out what a company requires a teacher to do will naturally help teachers carry out what is needed for employees. - The faxes, e-mails, etc and the employess themselves are great authentic resources. Teachers should utilize them for sure. APART FROM THESE TWO TOPICS Teachers should be careful about language use. Depending on group types and levels, they may need to speak so slowly and use visual aid very much. It could be challenging that some students may speak the same local language in a multi-lingual class, therefore teacher should be careful for it not to affect the use of target language. Teachers should prepare lesson plan carefully depending on individual lesson or group lesson.