Teach English in Jinyuan XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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This the final unit was about common problems that you can run into as an EFL teacher and ways you can deal with said problems. This lesson showed me that when teaching the first lesson for a group it is best to not go straight into the course book but rather start off with a fun activity to earn about the students and build up rapport between myself and all the students. On days with bad weather or other unhappy situations it is good to start the day with a more fun activity then usual to help motivate the students who are probably not feeling like their usual selves. This unit also taught me about problems with specific groups such as a large class, or multi-level class and how to properly handle those classes differently than a normal sized class where all the students are around the same general level for English skill. I also learned that often there will be individuals in the classes that may have special needs due to not being able to learn well through listening texts or being very reluctant to speak and ways to deal with those issues as well. Overall I feel I learned a lot from this course as a whole and hope that I can put what I have learned into great use as I hope to be a great teacher some day and I plan to use the information stored here as a resource while i'm still gaining personal teaching experience.