Teach English in Jinlong Zhen - Chongzuo Shi

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From this unit, I was able to obtained a great amount of information on what types of methods, mistakes and feedback is appropriate for teachers to use while teaching. The three main steps mentioned in this unit is that teachers should know how to help the students engage, study, and activate their abilities while learning English. First, the unit included the various types of games I could use to engage students (for example, students cans use their english level to describe pictures, words, appearences, and actions as their warm up to get the class started). Second, the unit explained that focusing on the tasks of getting the work done and actually performing the study is also important. In the Study stage, worksheets and examples are necessary for students to understand the structures of the language they are using. The exercises given should be prepared beforehand and aim to get information on what the students know and need to know. Focusing on grammar, prounciation, and definitions are all a part of the learning process for improvement. This gives the teacher an idea on the effectiveness of her teaching strategies. In the final stage, giving positive feedbacks and discussing the mistakes or error of a student should be well address. Using a positive attitude can encourage or motivate the students to learn better.