Teach English in Jinjie Zhen - Chongzuo Shi

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Listening and reading are the receptive parts of language learning and they are equally important as speaking and writing therefore they should be included in all lessons in one or another form. I think that the listening part is extremely important when teaching any level as the students need a maximum of language input, especially at the beginners level, as the new language still has to take shape in the students 'mind and hearing the language is important for their pronunciation and vocabulary building. The students might not be able to understand what they are hearing but detailed understanding comes when the teacher clarifies what he/she said. Next to the listening element, the reading is very valuable in language instruction. But with reading there might be additional problems arising, for instance when you teach kindergarten students, they can listen to you but are not able to read yet, so the instruction will solely rely on the listening part. Or when you are teaching students who have a different characters in their mother language, then you are not only teaching to read, but teaching how to read in English. I had this problem when I started studying Arabic, initially I could understand a lot of what was said, but I couldn?t read as I hadn't mastered the basics of the Arabic written characters yet.