Teach English in JiAngzhou Zhen - Chongzuo Shi

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The receptive skills are reading and listening. We do it for either a purpose or for entertainment. For these skills, we must be able to recognize and understand the words as well as get the context using already existing knowledge. There are several skills used for receptive skills. Predictive for guessing based on a headline, scanning for specific information, skimming over the text to get the general idea, reading or listening carefully for detailed information. There are problems that come with both reading and listening. When reading, students may break up the sentences word by word. Long sentences and the structure of the sentences. When listening, the information flows and is not there for reference. Reading gives a second for thought. It is presented at a speed not controlled by the student and students get used to a certain accent in the language from their teacher. To help with these, pre-teach words that are essential to understanding. Select texts that are appropriate. Authentic texts are not designed for language students. Choose topics your students are interested in and use a variety of them. Create interest in the topic and use realistically achievable tasks that promote understanding, not just check for it. Games can be used in lessons too. A game has rules, a teaching point and an element of fun.