Teach English in HaiyuAn Zhen - Chongzuo Shi

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This section very specifically highlighted the differences between an effective teacher in an ESL classroom and an ineffective, uninvolved teacher in the same setting. I think teaching this material was exceptionally more effective using a visual aid. It helped me a lot to see a teacher in an actual classroom as well as introduce me to the dichotomy of effective and ineffective teaching. One thing I took away from the first video was the lack of involvement of the teacher. He didn't seem to be engaging the students at any point, especially when they had issues with the lesson. The first video did an excellent job of showing exactly what not to do in a classroom. For contrast, the second video taught me just how to conduct myself in a classroom. It showed a lot about engaging with the students and eliciting answers from the properly. The biggest thing I learned from this section is how far being involved and getting the students both involved and interested in the lesson can go. For example, during the second video the teacher began class by introducing every student and making sure he knew their names so he could accurately and effectively involve everyone in the lesson. In contrast with the first video, I was able to see just how much of an impact that initial introuction and warm, welcoming attitude had on the lesson.