Teach English in Guoying TiAnxi Huaqiao Nongchang [Tianxi Overseas Chinese Farm] - Chongzuo Shi

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Lesson 2 helped me to develop a better understanding of why it is crucial for those who aspire to teach English to more closely examine the ?Grammar ? or ?Structure of the Language.? After reasoning the lesson it became obvious to me how that knowing the role of each of the ?parts of speech? is even more necessary for those who are endeavoring to teach the language than those who are simply speakers of the language. Along with that, I discovered how that within each of the ?parts of speech? there are often ?subcategories? which need to be explored. The significance of being aware of certain ?spelling patterns? (such as when we conjugate verbs and adjectives) became clearer to me, as well. Additionally, I learnt that it?s important to note that some words might act as a different part of speech if it used in another place in the sentence. Lastly, I see that there are some words that simply ?don?t follow the grammar rules ?(e.g. ?irregular verbs?). In such a situation we should inform our students that there is ?no easy way??in these instances we/they will have to commit those particular ?irregulars? to memory. The great thing is: the charts in the course materials are very helpful for doing just that!