Teach English in Guoying Taocheng Huaqiao Nongchang [Taocheng Overseas Chinese Farm] - Chongzuo Shi

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Grammar is an the most basic form of understanding the English language. As a native speaker I naturally don't think about the rules and proper usage of grammar when I form sentences. This unit cover the basic understanding of the English grammar and how to form a simple sentence and be able to identify what each word is. The spelling and positioning of words in a sentence is the most common mistake (also for native speakers) and I found this unit to describe each function of grammar and when to use them. The unit covers nouns and the different types. Adjectives and the difference between comparative and superlative. Article are clearly discibed and when to use them and when not to use them. Verbs are tricky as there are many irregular verbs. This unit did a great job of explaing the two types transitive and intransitive. The basic form, present, past simple and past participle examples were extremely helpful and a great reminder of proper usage. Adverbs section helped tie where in the sentence they are used by describing the five main types and providing examples. The prepositions conjunction section was short was an excellent explaination. The pronouns sections provided good exapmples of personal, possessive, reflective, and relative. Overall this unit was a well writing overview of grammar and a great reminder for me.