Teach English in Guoying Ningming Huaqiao Nongchang [Ningming Overseas Chinese Farm] - Chongzuo Shi

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This Unit focused on the general rules that should be used when a new language teacher or trainee is teaching a class. THe main structure is known as the Engage Study Activate or the ESA way for which there are three given examples; the straight arrow approach, the patchwork and the boomerang approach. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Engage stage is a way to get your students motivated and ready for language learning. Study phase has new course material and is when most corrections should be made as new material should be made available with all classroom members aware of correct and accurate new rules. The activate phase is for putting the new language from study phase into practice. During activate phase, creativity is encouraged and old concepts should be encouraged to be used and melded with the lesson that was given during study phase. The Unit gave myriad techniques and advice on what types of activities are appropriate for each stage of the given lesson. The correction of students was discussed as well as the appropriate times and techniques for how and when to correct the errors of a student. Errors and mistakes were categorized and compared with one another. General rules and tips for all three phases as well as individual ESA phases were discussed with bullet point notes and review information.