Teach English in Encheng XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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Unit 12 was also relaxing. I really enjoy figuring out the different steps of what I think the plan is supposed to be on the Unit quizzes even though sometimes the options can seem very similar. Like this one for example, when asked to answer the questions for the Straight Arrow ESA plan: using picture prompts students create a short fairy story AND Allow students to create their own fairy story in groups..... are very similar, it is not until the end of the sentence did I feel the key words/points were found. Even then I still get nervous that I selected the wrong choice. I also was surprised to read that testing a students fluency is on the more creative side. This is wonderful because I think it allows students an opportunity to let down their guard and just speak without pressure or expectation. Although establishing and maintaining that type of environment for the student is highly dependent on the teacher. Again, being a student of a foreign language myself, I definitely know first hand how scary and intimidating learning a new language can be very stressful. Sometimes I was so scared to speak that I would just shut down. It was horrible. I hope to be a TEFL teacher that becomes skilled enough to identify these signs in other students and figure out ways to improve, assist and support them in any way possible.