Teach English in DukAng XiAng - Chongzuo Shi

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This unit focuses on teaching special groups of English learners, like beginners, individual students, children and business English or English for special purposes. From all these groups, I feel that young children are the most challenging group to teach, even though many educators believe that the are also the most rewarding group to teach. One of the main reasons why I believe it`s difficult to teach young learners is that they don`t have any personal interest in studying English. For most of them, English is just another subject they have to study at school or that their parents are forcing them to study. In the best case, they might view the English classes as a fun daily activity and, if that`s the case, it`s easier to encourage them to develop an interest in learning English. Secondly, young learners have short attention spans and are easily distracted, which may conduct to disruptive behaviour during class time. We also have to teach students how to behave in a classroom by asking them to be quiet while we are talking and raise their hands if they have questions or want to answer a question. On the other hand, one advantage of teaching English to young learners is that they do not feel stressed by their studies and approach everything with youthful innocence, which can make these learners a real pleasure to teach.