Teach English in Dongping Zhen - Chongzuo Shi

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This unit has given me some guidance on introducing language material and concepts in a classroom setting; however, I would have preferred a little more guidance. I expect that teaching vocabulary will be the hardest part of teaching English as a foreign language; not necessarily in the sense of teaching individual words and their meanings, but in the sense of building comprehensive and functional vocabulary that would allow the student to discuss a wide range of topics. In my experience with learning Standard Chinese, this has been the hardest part; especially in regards to being able to retrieve the vocabulary from my mind after having been exposed to the words. Being able to understand the meaning attached to the vocabulary words at an intimate level enabling the construction of expressive metaphors, similes, and descriptive phrases is even more challenging. My experience has been that learning the vocabulary and obtaining a functional mastery of the words is one step; however, reaching the point of familiarity at which constructing expressive and often artistic comparisons and descriptions is possible is a whole different level of mastery. I expect that building a functional and arguably comprehensive vocabulary with an intimate level of understanding will be the hardest part of teaching English as a foreign language.