Teach English in Dongmen Zhen - Chongzuo Shi

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This unit discussed the equipment and teaching aids an ESL teacher would most likely find in a classroom. There was discussion of each item and the benefits and drawbacks of each. The five most useful items for me would be: 1) visual aids - I think this is a great item to use in the Engage stage, as it is an easy way to get students to focus and be clear about what the topic of study is. 2) Worksheets - they are benefical for reinforcing learned concepts, helping the teacher understand where problem areas lie, and are good for testing purposes. 3) Computer - a great resource for finding supplimental materials that are engaging, such as video clips and podcasts, and to use as resource materials. It's also an easy way for the teacher to create/change/update lesson plans. 4) Coursebook - this is a great way to get an overall idea for the material to be covered throughout the entire class. It ensures that there is steady progress, it gives students something to follow and what to expect from the class, and it makes testing students easier. 5) Photocopier - this would be necessary if you want to have students using worksheets or reading materials in class. I also found the online resources section very helpful. It will be a great tool when searching for additional materials/ideas for classroom use or creating lesson plans.